RCA Interconnects


The Cryo Nebula IC is a product of a passion I have to make world-class cables that anyone can afford. I use the same process in my IC’s that I use in my very popular Cryo Nova speaker cables. I use solid core OFC 99.999 pure copper.

 1- Cryogenic Treatment. (72hr) 

Cryogenic treated cables provide an extended dynamic range. In particular, high-frequency range notes are much clearer and display less distortion. Measurements of cryo treated wires show that electrical and signal resistance is reduced after cryogenic treatment.

2- 48hr burn in.

The burn in process is done by flooding the IC’s with high current. The current from a source (cd player, pre amp) is not enough to really do a full burn in. I use a very high current process that really opens the soundstage up dramatically. The end results are a much deeper soundstage that has much more space between instruments and still maintains a pinpoint image. No blurring of the image at all. It creates a very involving presence. Quite amazing to say the least.

3- Helical Twisted.

I have pre-twisted the cable for you, which does a few things. 1- It gives a much wider bandwidth, lower inductance, and lower impedance . 2- It resists magnetic fields that are abundant in and around stereo equipment. 3- It makes cable management much easier.

4- 24kt gold plated RCA’s by Neutrik.

5- Price is for a 1m pair.

Additional lengths are $10 per foot extra.

6- $5 for shipping in the USA. International shipping will be quoted.

Endless hours of testing have produced an IC that is the best I’ve ever heard at anywhere close to this price. Tonal balance is perfect. No forwardness at all. No edginess, just a smooth sonic character with exceptional detail.

Soundstage is very wide and deep. Imaging is extremely focused with more space between instruments.

The same 30 day trial as with all my products. If you don’t think they outperform what you currently have, send them back in like-new condition and I'll promptly refund your money with no questions asked. (Less shipping)

 Give them a try. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.​

Thank you.


JW Audio​