Now with NEW Keith L. Eichmann (KLE Innovation) Copper Harmony RCA's.

More energy and clarity than the Copper Bullets. 

Once I heard the difference, there was no question about using them.

We're pleased to offer the Reference Interconnect. The Reference IC is for the person that wants the very best from their system. It digs deep and delivers.

The speed and energy along with perfect tonal balance blur the line between music reproduction and real. That sets this interconnect apart from any other in this price range.

If you've chased IC's in this price range and have found only sideways differences, I challenge you to try my Reference IC. I will put it against any IC on the market at any price.

Our deep cryogenic treatment and extremely high current burn-in, along with multiple runs and gauges of the most pure American made Solid Core (99.999)copper that money can buy has put this IC in a class that few if any can match.

We're using the Eichmann Copper Harmony RCA for termination. They are so clear and focused... we had to use them. The imaging was much better than anything I've ever heard.

I'm using Neutrik Gold platted XLR termination. After extensive testing, they were the best sounding, and that's what really matters.

If you're tired of chasing interconnects that don't deliver, step up and give my Reference Interconnect a try. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


 1- Multiple runs of pure 99.999 OFC Solid Core Copper.

 2-Multiple gauges in critical locations.

 3- Cryogenic Treatment. (72hr fully submerged) 

Cryogenic treated cables provide an extended dynamic range. In particular, high-frequency range notes are much clearer and display less distortion. Measurements of cryo treated wires show that electrical and signal resistance is reduced after cryogenic treatment.

 4-100hr burn in.

The burn in process is done by flooding the IC’s with high current. The current from a source (cd player, pre amp) is not enough to really do a full burn in. We use a very high current process that really opens the soundstage up dramatically. The end result is a much deeper soundstage that has much more space between instruments and still maintains a pinpoint image. No blurring of the image at all. It creates a very involving presence. Quite amazing to say the least.

 5- Helical Twisted.

We have pre-twisted the cable for you, which does a few things. 1- It gives a much wider bandwidth, lower inductance, and lower impedance. 2- It resists magnetic fields that are abundant in and around stereo equipment. 3- It makes cable management much easier.

 6- Eichmann Copper Harmony RCA's for incredible clarity and laser focused imaging.

7- Price is for a 1m pair.

Additional lengths are $20 per foot extra.

 8- $10 for shipping in the USA. International shipping will be quoted.

 We've never been more excited to announce a new product. 

As always... there's a 30-day trial. If they're not what I described them to be, send them back for a refund.

They are a true Reference grade Interconnect at the price of a good mid-line.

Thank you.

John W.