I am submitting my impressions of the RCA interconnect (Jw audio cryo nebula) and unterminated speaker cables (Jw audio cryo nova).

I tried these cables because, they were, quite frankly very cheap. 8-foot pair of speaker cables was 80 bucks; 1 M pair of interconnects was 79.00 with each additional foot being 10 dollars extra. I purchased the 1.5 M IC's.

First, I will review the speaker cables. The system they were put into was comprised of the following: Alesis ML 9600 CD player/recorder (modified by Balanced Power technology), EAR 834 L tube preamplifier, Joseph Chow/Ralph Mueller modded 250 wpc Audio VanAlstine TETvalve hybrid amplifier, Emerald Physic CS 3 speakers, Zentara Interconnects (my reference), and Tritium Triphazer IC's.

Nothing is accentuated across the frequency spectrum. The music comes out effortlessly with an impressive amount of air and space in recordings that I know have it. Tone colors and instrument timbres are very realistic sounding. Male and female vocals are rendered superbly. Overall, this speaker cable is uber impressive. The break-in time is minimal - they sounded great right out of the box. I have listened to lots of really good speaker cables over the years - LAT international, Zentara (my reference made by Neng Kue), and AudioHorizons, all fine cables in their own right. Nevertheless, after listening to the Jw audio speaker cables it seriously calls into question spending the big bucks for speaker cables.

The interconnects? Yes, they are excellent and share the same family feature of imaging beautifully with lots of air and space when a recording has it. The system they were inserted in was my reference system consisting of: Magnepan 1.7 speakers, Zentara copper speaker cables, Canary 140 wpc tube monoblock amplifiers, Canary monoblock tube preamplifiers (modded by Bob and Gary Backert), dcs Purcell upsampler, dcs Delius DAC, AudioHorizons tube phono stage, Music Hall MM-7 turntable with a Goldring Eroica Cartridge, Musical Fidelity V-Link, iMac computer with iTunes and Pure Music functioning as my server for digital files.

I cued up my list of favorite songs (130) and played this file all night long and during the day while at work. After a couple of days, I settled down for some serious listening and was very, very pleased with what I heard. Tone colors and instrument timbres were excellent. There was a sense of organic richness and space that was not previously in my system - very noticeable on Jen Chapin's song entitled "You Haven't Done Nothing". Over time images filled the center of my soundstage and extended deeper than before.

What I got were very clean, clear, textured cables that were very much at home in two excellent sounding systems; these cables improved the sonics of both systems. I almost did not try them because they were so cheap. And if any component, cable or tweak is going to have any longevity in either of my systems, it has to work well with my existing system components and result in improved sonics. These cables fit this bill to a T.

I have no affiliation or connection with the company. I just like to share my thoughts on affordable products that give you outlandishly good performance. I will not venture to say these are the best cables that you will ever hear nor that you will even like them. All the cables that I have listened to sound different. Yet, for the money, you can try them and you just might feel the way I did and save yourself some cash that you can buy music with or even other components. Cables make a difference. I think for many that these cables will give you a healthy dose of upper echelon cable performance. The performance: cost ratio is enormous. These cables get my billing as "stupid good" at their price point.

John M. Flack,MD

I just wanted to give you some follow-up on the cables.

I have played them a few hours on the following system: Audio VanAlstine 250 wpc (heavily modded) hybrid tube amp, EAR tube preamp, modded Alesis ML9600 CD player/recorder, Dakiom amplifier stabilizers/interconnect (1 pair from CD player), Tritium triphazer interconnect, Emerald Physic CS3 speakers, and a locally made subwoofer. I was running LAT international top of the line copper/silver speaker cable. The LAT cable is a really fine speaker cable.

My impression of the cable I purchased from you is the overall performance is outstanding. It is very smooth, nicely detailed, has air when there is air on the recording and seems very balanced across the frequency spectrum. It is hard to believe that for less than 100 per pair that you can build a cable that sounds this damn good. I have used Morrow cables, MIT (yuk), and several other brands including Speltz-anti cables (did not like them, though I really like his zero autformers); I've been around the block so to speak with speaker cables.

I sure hope that your business model is working cause you need to stay in business - for the sake of we audiophiles. I have been in the audiophile hobby for 4 decades now and your cables have to be one of the few, true audiophile bargains; that is, cheap price but uncompromising performance. For the money, your cables are "stupid good". Even with no consideration of the very low price, your cables are outstanding. Cable snobs may not like your cables because of the low price but to heck with them.

Great job with the cables. And, whatever it is you are doing to get this kind of performance, please keep doing it.


"Hi John, I thought I would send this to you before I head out for the evening. These are my initial impressions.

I've logged about 10 good hours of listening. My speakers are on 25" stands(Skylan stands). Speakers are about 7' apart, and toed in a bit. Subwoofers are set between the speakers, and slightly further back, and I'm seated just over 7' away. This is a rather compact set up, and just the way I like it.

The first cd I played was Madeleine Peyroux's Bare Bones CD. This is I believe her latest and to me her best work to date. At the onset, I heard a rich focused, nicely detailed midrange and very smooth and extended high end, very transparent. Soundstage was wide, but not really wider than what I was use to, but it was deeper and more spatial.

There was simply a greater sense of spacing between instruments than I have ever heard before. Bass was tight well rounded with plenty of weight and thumped right along. I have played this cd many many times, and know it very well. I played this cd first because I wanted to hear her singing, and sure enough, there were nuances I had not heard, or if I had heard before did not pay that much attention to previously. Particularly the way she leans on certain notes, and letters at the end of some of her phrases. I heard this throughout the cd. What this did for me was create a strong emotional response, thus a greater level of enjoyment. Quite remarkable and unexpected. This is sonically a well-recorded beautifully played, and sung cd. There is quite a bit of subtlety to the music and her singing. Your cables captured it all and more.

I'll try to be brief on these other CDs.

Cornysh - Stabat Mater - Choral

Pure Choral from the 15th century.

Your cables were able to reveal all the richness, and textures of the various groupings with great positioning and clarity. No smearing whatsoever. Just wonderful. Oh yes, it was sung in Latin. Do I speak Latin? No, some say it is a dead language, but I'm not so sure about that now.

774 Street Quartet

Bloody Murder Records 

Recorded here in Chicago

CD Title, A Rare Thing 

4 Musicians who play various reed instruments. An excellent recording. The depths that the contrabass saxophone can reach is amazing. These richly harmonic, breathy and full textured recordings would be a great challenge for any speaker cable let alone speakers to reproduce. There is so much going on in these recordings musically. They are crisps dynamic and fast. These recordings using your cables had my speakers at there limits, and beyond there limits.

It is getting late and I must be on my way. Yes, there are other recordings that need to be mentioned. Maybe I'll get that chance on the next e-mail I send you. The point of it all is that you have developed a remarkable product. Your speaker cables may very well be one of the best out there today. Easily one of the best values to be had today. Please do not stop what you are doing, stick with it. be stubborn, be persistent, and I truly believe you will be successful. Thank you for creating a great speaker cable." -Julio